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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is Diaby finally on his way out?

Arsenal fans have become fairly used to seeing their bench remain calm and composed, especially with Arsene Wenger almost deciding on a regular basis to sit there in resignation rather than jump up and down in rage like other managers decide to do, but the reaction of Pat Rice (a man who admittedly is far more animated than Wenger) while observing the performance of Abou Diaby may just turn out to represent the straw that broke the camel's back. Those looking at the Premier League best odds should remember this.

With Diaby in the past annoying fans with his slow play, lack of enthusiasm, and most notably his absolute idiocy in the manner in which he stupidly got himself sent off against Newcastle United, his probable exit from the club is one that won't result in too many shocked faces around the Emirates and will be more likely to result in a few bottles of champagne being opened in celebration at his somewhat overdue departure.

Having failed to ever live up to the promise that he was meant to have, and failing to convince the fans that he has got the skill and determination to improve sufficiently enough to warrant being paid to wear the famous red and white shirt in the way that the likes of Jack Wilshere and Cesc Fabregas have done, Diaby is now more than likely to spend the remainder of his career cursing the amount of injuries he has received and the way that he has never been able to capitalise upon the faith that his manager has shown in him year in, year out. The Premier League betting offers certainly don't suggest he is likely to win the side the title.

For this reason alone, don't be shocked to see Diaby playing for the likes of Newcastle or Wigan a few years from now, lamenting the way his career has panned out.

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