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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arsenal finally have the chance to improve after season of disappointment

Arsenal fans may well look back at this season and feel a sense of rage and regret at missed opportunities, but at least they might also be about to see their side finally tweaked so that it can really bring some success to the Emirates Stadium in the near future.

With Arsene Wenger having refused to accept that his side needed radical improvements until his obvious disappointment at his side's performance against Blackburn revealed that he accepted the need to take a step back and fully assess his players and their failings, the Arsenal manager may finally come to realise that he needs to sign a few players to replace some injury prone individuals like Abou Diaby and Denilson, who just are not good enough to be playing at the top level. Pundits like Andy Gray have argued Arsenal need a change in personnel for a while and it looks like it could finally happen.

Should Wenger start to do this, then Arsenal fans may accept this year of disappointment if next season brings success and not just the hope of success which can (and has been this season) ripped away in an instant. He needs to bring in some of the players the transfer rumours constantly link him to. However, if Wenger continues to bury his head in the sand and fails to accept the fact that his squad needs a lot of work done to it for it to be able to compete with the toughness that Chelsea and Manchester United demonstrate and which makes them capable of being champions, then it may just be the case that Wenger finally has to leave the club and accept that his project of building a team from scratch (or at least with minimal investment) has failed.

If Wenger can bring in that bit of added quality then maybe, just maybe, next year could be Arsenal's year to return to the big time.

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