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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What they had to say after that poor display.

Stop Trying To Be A Businessman, Arsene...
With all the frustration of being an Arsenal fan I was thinking of some of the similarities between football and business and if so why Arsene Wenger should start getting his chequebook out pronto and signing some experienced players to complement the side.

As Arsenal is a business, Arsene will report into the board of directors who should be setting him his season's objectives i.e. challenge for the title, and allocating him an operating budget to attain that. Arsene should then be planning for the season and looking where he needs to invest his resources to deliver on his objectives, which being a business, Arsene then will be reviewed on his performance at season end by the directors.

Now my concern is that Arsene is trying to save and make money at every opportunity, at the detriment to the team. Ultimately it is not his responsibility to worry about the finances, the board should have control over that (Leeds are an example when they are not). He should be focussing solely on the team's performance and results. If in my job I go to my boss at the end of the year and tell him I didn't meet any objectives but I haven't spent any budget I am not going to get a pat on the back (more likely the boot).

My concern now is that Arsene is focussed on the complete running of the club when he should be focussing on team performance. If this is the case maybe it is time for him to move upstairs and let someone who has the hunger to win take over the running of the team.

Arsene has been a great manager and has transformed Arsenal Football Club. I just hope he won't be remembered for leaving the club in roughly the same league position as when he arrived.
Gareth Beynon

Has Wenger Lost The Plot?
For the first time I am starting to lose my patience with Arsene Wenger. He now believes that it doesn't matter if we get in another midfield player because we just need, belief, strength and personality. Well if personality is a key attribute, I wonder how the f*** Eboue got any where near the Arsenal first team, let alone the chance to play all manner of positions.

We lost out on trophies last season because of loads of different reasons but one of those reasons was lack of depth and maturity in the squad, which Wenger has already admitted. We had Flamini and Gilberto at that time and still looked a little light for cover, especially when Fabregas was not available. We've now lost both of those players and signed 17-year-old Ramsey as the only central replacement. It doesn't take a genius to work out that we have taken a massive step backwards in this department, which is the most important part of the team.

Last season there was not many games that Arsenal didn't play well and when we won our games, it was usually deserved by looking at the balance of play. This season, we have played three competitive games and looked awful in each of them. I still can't believe we won 2-0 away to FC Twente and we were very lucky to keep a 1-0 score line against WBA. The Fulham game just confirmed for me how desperately we do need a strong midfielder to come in and help Fabregas when he comes back.

I'm not one for negativity but there are simply no positives to look at in our latest performances. I've always backed Wenger but this time, I think he has lost the plot. If we don't get someone else in to help the top players we do have in the squad, then we can kiss goodbye to Fabregas, Van Persie, Adebayor and whoever else and I wouldn't blame them for leaving.
Paul Griffiths, London

...As an Arsenal fan, the last few seasons have caused me to become increasingly wary of phrases like "I'm happy with the squad" and "we'll only sign the right player" coming from Mr Wenger. It basically means "we won't be signing anyone".

We desperately need another central midfielder who has a physical presence about them. But no, it looks like we're going to start the season with Diaby (sicknote), Denilson (tidy, but a bit lightweight, also quite inconsistent), Eboue (can't shoot, dives, generally despicable) or Alex Song (inexperienced, a bit clumsy) as our central midfield partner for Fabregas. I suppose Toure could be considered an outside bet for the position as well if we hadn't just loaned Senderos to Milan for some reason.

For crying out loud Arsene, get the chequebook out and sign someone! I vaguely remember you saying something about how good the squad was last season as well and remind me how that turned out? And we've lost players since then!
Mark, Sheffield

Monday, August 18, 2008

fulham vs arsenal preview

i would rather predict than preview this upcoming game for one simple reason, judging from the game againist wba, we are too smart for these young teams. i forsee a 3-0, thats all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fabregas for captaincy, Wenger’s error, FC Twenty brief preview + New Poll

So, last weeks polls results reflect that most of you prefer Fabregas to be the captain. This makes me wonder why the professor is sticking with a man whom most of us has no trust in, William Gallas. After a series of blunders from him last season, surely we need a new captain this time around. His actions from last season proved how emotionally weak he is. If we need some silverware this season, then the right thing to do is to make Fab 04 the captain and Toure his deputy, how about that? Surely this doesn’t have to be about lenience or seniority.

Sorry but I have to be a bit critical of the manager here, I think he made a terrible mistake by selling Diarra to pompey last season. Diarra could have come in handy this season given the shallow depth of our midfield department after loosing Hleb, Flamini and Gilberto. As a manager I think Wenger should have played a big role in trying to convince Diarra to stay especially after seeing betrayal signs from those two fools Hleb and Flamini. Yes he could try and justify his actions by saying he bought Nasri & Ramsey. The latter has no experience of the English Premier League whatsoever something that worries me, which im sure concerns most gunners out there, as for Nasri we just have to wait and see how he adapts, by the way he already seems to be vulnerable to injuries, aint this another Ro-sick -y?.

As for Wednesday night’s qualifier I think we will pull through given the fact that the last time a Mclarens side faced Arsenal they lost 7-0. Without doubt I foresee a win, though it might not come easy. I believe Arsenal will prove to be too good for this very much unknown side

A Gunner in Brisbane suggested this week’s poll - Do you think that Jack Wilshere is ready for inclusion into the first team? Go ahead & Vote. Later!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alonso, Wilshere, & Ade-Boo

So it seems like Xabi Alonso is going to be our last summer signing if the latest arsenal news reports in the press are anything to go by. For two reasons I believe he could turn out to be that missing piece of the puzzle we have all been looking for. First he has the experience that seems to be lacking in the squad. He can compliment young guns such as Fabregas, Jack and Theo in the middle of the park. Look he has won the champions league with Liverpool and Euro 08, on top of that he has adapted well to the English premier league, what more in terms of experience can we ask for?? Secondly, I have this gut feeling that he can form a formidable partnership with Cesc. They both speak English and Spanish well. Hence a magical Spanish connection is inevitable. After all if he does come through his mature talent will make us quickly forget about those two money loving cunt’s, Hleb & Flamini.

The inclusion of Jack into the team is something I have mixed feeling’s about. I am not too sure whether the young boy is really ready for the other side of the pool. Of course during pre season he has been outshining the big guns by displaying some brilliant form. That gets me to wonder whether he will be able to maintain it when he starts to play against some savages such as Essien and Martin Taylor. But wait Fabregas was seventeen and better than Keane so this definitely means that Jack can be sixteen and better than Ballack, sounds a bit too much but hey that’s what Im wishing for, im sure you do too.

I was happy to see Ade-Boo being booed at the other day when we played Juventus. Thought he deserved such reception. He must never be unpatriotic to the family. He tried to win back our hearts by kissing the club badge when he scored against Real, what a lame action! It will take more than that to win back our love and support. He has to prove himself on the field. If I was the club manager, I would play him with the reserves for the next three months. Yes it’s true, I have disappointed love. Im out!!