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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alonso, Wilshere, & Ade-Boo

So it seems like Xabi Alonso is going to be our last summer signing if the latest arsenal news reports in the press are anything to go by. For two reasons I believe he could turn out to be that missing piece of the puzzle we have all been looking for. First he has the experience that seems to be lacking in the squad. He can compliment young guns such as Fabregas, Jack and Theo in the middle of the park. Look he has won the champions league with Liverpool and Euro 08, on top of that he has adapted well to the English premier league, what more in terms of experience can we ask for?? Secondly, I have this gut feeling that he can form a formidable partnership with Cesc. They both speak English and Spanish well. Hence a magical Spanish connection is inevitable. After all if he does come through his mature talent will make us quickly forget about those two money loving cunt’s, Hleb & Flamini.

The inclusion of Jack into the team is something I have mixed feeling’s about. I am not too sure whether the young boy is really ready for the other side of the pool. Of course during pre season he has been outshining the big guns by displaying some brilliant form. That gets me to wonder whether he will be able to maintain it when he starts to play against some savages such as Essien and Martin Taylor. But wait Fabregas was seventeen and better than Keane so this definitely means that Jack can be sixteen and better than Ballack, sounds a bit too much but hey that’s what Im wishing for, im sure you do too.

I was happy to see Ade-Boo being booed at the other day when we played Juventus. Thought he deserved such reception. He must never be unpatriotic to the family. He tried to win back our hearts by kissing the club badge when he scored against Real, what a lame action! It will take more than that to win back our love and support. He has to prove himself on the field. If I was the club manager, I would play him with the reserves for the next three months. Yes it’s true, I have disappointed love. Im out!!

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