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Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Nasty Arsenal Transfer News

There are some unsubstantiated reports out there claiming that our manager Arsene Wenger wants to leave Arsenal at the end of his term in 2011. Now that’s bull, coz we want Arsene to be our lifetime manager. There is no way that we can just let him go just like that to join Paris St Germain, Never, well hopefully.

Another rumor that made rounds today is that Wenger is emerging as a contender to replace Avram grant at Chelsea, well maybe in Roman’s dreams coz Arsene is staying with the Gunners. A source at the blues is quoted to have said "Wenger has now moved to the top of our list as we have missed out on everybody that we've contacted till now."…, "Wenger has the pedigree to do well at Chelsea and has had the world set alight with the beautiful football that Arsenal play so Mr. Abramovich wants him to lead our project for the next five seasons."
I think this is crap, PERIOD!!

Another intresting story that came out is that AC Milan are planning a raid on Arsenal with a reported £32m bid for striker Emmanuel Adebayor. To be honest if it turns out to be true, I will be happy. Look we bought the dude for about 7 million pounds in 2006 and since then the Togolese has been improving, netting an impressive 30 goals last season. but to say that the dude is worth 32 mil would be a lie, so I would be happy to see him go if we get that figure. THEN, we can go and do some proper shopping for some decent strikers like David Villa or Berbatov. Isnt that a better option.I guess so.