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Friday, December 10, 2010

Evra fuels the fire ahead of Monday’s clash

Often when Arsenal play Manchester United, the press have to build the feud between the two sides up in some way. This could be by showing old footage of Martin Keown and Ruud Van Nistelrooy or perhaps the Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira tunnel spat.

Ahead of Monday’s game at Old Trafford though, United defender Patrice Evra has done all the hard work for them by stating that ‘there will be no trophy’ for the Gunners this year.

In an astonishing outburst, the Frenchman continued: "We could lose to them but then what? There is nothing (for them); there will be no trophy, nothing.

"Arsenal are a great club but it has been five years since they won anything and that for me is a crisis."

One thing that should happen after these comments is that Arsene Wenger makes his players fully aware of them. He should tell his players to prove Evra wrong by going to Old Trafford and getting three points.

Then, the Gunners should use this as a platform for the rest of the season. They should aim to look back at these comments by Evra and be able to quash them with trophies. That needs to be the motivation.

In the public eye, Wenger refused to react too much to his countryman’s claims. He said:"We do not want to go into any unneeded talking before a game like that.

"We want to focus on the way we want to play and ignore any provocation."

Behind closed doors though, Spread Betting suggest that Wenger may well turn the comments into a positive motivation for his side. They are aware of the trophy drought and don’t need people telling them about it.

It is time; more than ever, that Arsenal do their talking on the pitch.

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