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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Arsenal miss out on chance to rebuild confidence

Chelsea certainly aren't experiencing their best run of form right now, but Arsenal are arguably in far greater need of a pick-me-up than the Blues and, as such, the postponement of their fixture at the weekend against Stoke may be another nail in the coffin of their chances of winning their first Premier League title since the 2003/2004 season.

Those using the betfair free bet code may think that this may seem a little over the top at this stage of the season, but the fact remains that Arsenal have already been forced to admit that they suffer from anxiety when they face the top teams, a fact actually confirmed by their own captain. Had the Gunners enjoyed a nice, comfortable victory over Stoke on Saturday, then the pain of their recent defeat at Old Trafford may well have been erased. Instead, however, Arsenal will enter their game against Chelsea with their last memory of a match darkened by the pain of defeat against a title rival.

With their upcoming tie against the Blues undoubtedly a crucial moment in the context of the Gunners' season as they look to stand a chance of staying in the title race for the long-haul, Arsenal know that they need to be at their very best if they wish to stop the likes of Didier Drogba from wreaking complete havoc on them once again. If they allow any nerves to creep into their performance next week, then critics will once again be able to lambast the Gunners for failing to show that they can stand up and be counted when the moment demands it. However, if they win the crucial clash, they may finally put to bed the idea that they are the babies of the big boys in the Premier League.

As Arsene Wenger enjoys looking for excuses rather than solutions, those placing a free sports bet believe that this weekend may just have given him the perfect excuse for another defeat against the big boys.

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