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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Intresting Thread I found - Would you accept 5th Position if Spurs got relagated?

Fifth And Spurs Down? I'll Take It...
In response to Carl's question. Yes I would, but the icing on the cake would be if we then went and won the Champions League and qualified for that at the expense of whoever finished in 4th place.
Tony Teece, London

...I would take 5th to see Spurs relegated. I think we could do well in the UEFA Cup. And obviously, Spurs being relegated would make everything feel okay.
John Matrix

...I'll take 5th if the Spuds go down. We'll win the Champions League to ensure we qualify for that next season.

I know people are laughing at that but give us 50% of Villa's luck...
Tom (It would be a dream scenario, don't p*ss on my chips) Cheshire Gooner

...In response to Carl, Villa fan who posed the question to us Gooners, 'Would you accept 5th place in the league if Tottenham were relegated?'

In short, yes. Least that way we've a full season to p*ss ourselves at their expense, whilst Arsene finally pulls his finger out and realises he has to do something.
Scott, AFC, Islington

...Karl asked Arsenal fans if we'd take 5th, if Spurs got relegated.

At the start of the season, before Ramos had been sacked, I was asked the same question and it was a categorical 'No' in response. But now, I really don't think I'd be fussed. The only negative, beyond seeing us finish out of the top four, and seeing Spurs on 'Championship Weekly' highlights on ITV2 or wherever they're shown, would be playing on Channel Fucking 5.

I'd just like to add, that if a side was to knock us out of the top 4, come the end of the season, I'd have no complaints if it was Villa. They're where they are for a reason. Goals in the last minute are no luckier than goals on the hour mark, so I don't buy that bulls**t. Top quality manager, hard-working and balanced squad, and a good fanbase.

I don't even mind that they came to our place and sang that song about Eduardo, I've heard worse. Fair play Villa.
Steve Wheeler, Dorset

...In response to Carl, Villa fan, yes, I would quite happily accept 5th place if Spurs go down. To be honest, finishing 5th could be the kick up the a**e that we need. I have been a season-ticket holder for 20 yrs (I was too young to even stand up by myself before then!) and this is definitely the worst Arsenal squad we have had in that time. We have had some cloggers in our time, don't get me wrong, but collectively this current bunch are the worst.

The north London derby has not been what it used to be for ages (certainly for us), it is always our game to lose. Although I always wish the London clubs a swift return when they are in the Championship, I wouldn't be doing the same with Spurs.

On the other side of it, I think Villa would be fully deserving of finishing 4th. Regardless of whether they have had too much luck etc, any successful team needs that along the way. They have fantastic players in Young and Agbonlahor and I think Villa's progress this year is to the benefit of the Premier League.
Hunch, Finchley, AFC

Or Lower...
F*ck it - I'd take 15th!
Seb, N1, Gooner

Or Lower Still...
I'd accept 17th.
David Kerley

...5th ?...I'd take anything above the relegation zone - please make it happen.
Steve King

No, I'll Take Fourth
No Carl, I wouldn't accept 5th place if Spurs were to get relegated, they are not even in the same league as us (I don't mean the Prem, I mean in terms of class, people). May 93 was the last time we lost a home game to them in the league and (we did the cup double that year). The haven't beaten us at Sh*te Hart lane since 99. In fact, they are so much in our shadow, that they had to release a DVD based on drawing 4-4 with us in the Emirates. That's the highlight of their season.

The fact is Arsenal need the Champions League money. We have a great stadium that needs paying for and the Highbury apartments are not selling due to the recession. So although I hate them, financial stability of arsenal is what I would rather get this year by achieving 4th place.
Paul (Technically only six points behind the leaders. Mind you, if we had Rosicky + Eduardo + Walcott + Fabregas, then we would be mounting a challenge) McDonald

...As funny as it would be to see Spurs relegated, I have to say I would much rather see Arsenal finish in the top four. I just don't have that much hate in my heart for Spurs. In fact, I'd go even so far to say I'd miss them. The derby games are almost invariably crackers. The 4-5 thriller a couple of seasons ago, the 2-1 result last season (with Almunia's penalty save), even the horrific draw this season - all utterly nerve-shredding, but brilliant fun as well. (Admittedly, this may have something to do with the fact that we usually finish on the right side of the scoreline.)

In any case, I still think we'll catch Villa. In fact, I'm secretly entertaining the possibility of winning the title. Don't tell anyone.
Stuart, Gooner

Courtesy of football355.

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