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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patience is Key for Wilshere

Jack Wilshere’s injury nightmare is spiralling out of control, with experts and supporters alike wondering if the midfielder will ever reach his top-class standards again.

The talented midfielder, a product of Arsenal’s blooming youth academy, has failed to fully recover from the knee and ankle problems that kept him out of Euro 2012. His expected return date is now October, but cynics on the Betfair football betting website are already wondering if this deadline will be extended.

Wilshere’s injury problems have dogged what promised – and still promises – to be a glittering career. The 20-year-old still has a long future ahead of him, but his recent injury record at such a young age does not bode well, should problems persist.

Having missed a large amount of his four seasons as a full professional, Wilshere didn’t play any part of Arsenal’s 2011/12 campaign. Arsenal and England fans must be praying the youngster can soon return to action, or his career may crash land before it even takes off.

For a young player to have suffered such a long time away from the game is very concerning. His comeback – whenever it does happen – will be closely monitored by Arsenal’s backroom staff. Questions over his fitness will coincide with concerns his playing ability has been hampered by such a long exile.

Wilshere must be careful that he does not lose the standard Arsenal fans expect of him. The road back to full recovery will not stop when he is fully fit; it will take a long time for the England star to regain his sharpness.

Gunners fans must be patient when their prodigal son returns, and not expect immediate results from a player absent from the game for almost 15 months.

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