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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Work begins now for Wenger

So the Fabregas shaped cloud that as hung over Arsenal for the past two years has lifted. He has gone, the cash is in the bank, now the club can try and move on.
I can appreciate Arsene Wenger's desperation to keep his skipper, such is his pivotal role in the team. Plus the way Barca have perhaps gone about their hunt of the player leaves a lot to be desired. Those who bet on the Premier League will know this.

In similar circumstances to when Ronaldo left Man United for Real Madrid, the big two in Spain feel they merely need to utter the name of the player they want for their club to go on bended knee and allow them to take them off their hands. "I wouldn't sell them a virus," was one of Fergie's more memorable quotes about Real, though he eventually gave in. As it is, Wenger had to do the same.

But such was the damaging affect this saga had on the club I do think Wenger could have done with jettisoning Cesc a lot earlier than he has.

After all it leaves him just two weeks of the transfer window to find a replacement and convince others, like Samir Nasri, that the club still has ambition to win trophies. Arsenal also face a tricky Champions League qualifier against Udinese -fail to make it through and wagging fingers will be aimed in Wenger's direction for not strengthening the team early enough. The Premier League best odds show they face problems.

Had he sold Fabregas in June, midfield re-enforcements will have been bought an acclimatised and you never know Nasri may have signed that contract that's been sat on the table for so long.

But if anyone is going to ignore the advice and feelings of others in Arsene Wenger. The man grows more stubborn as the years go on and the louder the calls are to spend, the less likely he appears willing to. Maybe the short, sharp shock of Europa League football will be enough to jolt him to action, which is what will happen should they lose to Udinese.

Looking at past form, I have my doubts.

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