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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wilshere attitude shows respect campaign still flawed

Even though Arsenal's Jack Wilshere made all the right headlines for his consistently stunning football last season at club level, he has since made comments which hint that the referees respect campaign in the league is not just one that has its weak points, but one which is in fact utterly flawed.

Having seen his club Arsenal concede a fair number of penalties and after being forced to watch on as the rub of the green went against him and his team mates on more than a few occasions compared to their rivals Manchester United and Chelsea, Wilshere apparently believes that the Gunners need to show the sort of unattractive in your face attitude that the likes of United display while surrounding refs in order to gain more favourable decisions and help ensure every single decision is thoroughly thought through by the ref. Those following the Premier League best odds will know what an impact the big calls can have on games.

With the Premier League making it extremely clear that it wants to see an improved level of respect towards refs, and that it is looking to crack down wherever possible on unsportsmanlike behaviour, Wilshere's words suggest that this campaign is having little to no effect when it comes to the top sides. Anyone looking to bet on Premier League winner should bear this in mind.

Despite this, it seems unlikely that the Gunners star will receive any form of caution or reprimand for his words and he has actually been seized upon by the media as having displayed the kind of attitude that should be lauded rather than berated. So much for respect.

In spite of this attitude, Wilshere may find that while surrounding a ref can help you get a few big decisions, it does help significantly more to have a tougher defence that doesn't leak so many crucial goals during the course of a season if he wants to go out and win his first Premier League medal.

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