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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who Should Arsenal Ditch?

The Gunners have never been one the luckiest teams playing in the EPL – any fan can attest to that. But they’ve always managed to show up every game, play their collective hearts out, and roll with the punches like no other club in World Football. However, that wasn’t quite the case this season.

With injuries plaguing much of the first team roster, it was on the replacements—those guys making great money to play footy at least slightly better than average until daddy comes home—to do the do until things got settled. That never happened. And that forces everyone from Wenger to the most average fan to take a look not only at the first team but also the entire ranks.
People need to be cleared out. We’re not playing online baccarat here. This isn’t some strange version of cricket. You simply cannot show up half-hearted, and all those contributing anything less than their all to Arsenal should be sent packing in order to make room for those that will.
On a hypothetical list, who should get the ax from The Gunners?

First up on the list of players needing to leave is Denilson. Although the 23-year-old Brazilian is very talented, he is also susceptible to the pressures of playing on a big stage. His lackluster performances and sideways passes and field jogging earned him big-time criticisms. And the more criticisms he received, the worse he played – proof positive that he cannot handle the pressure associated with EPL footy.

Gael Clichy is next. This fabulous Frenchman, talented in numerous aspects of the game, is simply a liability today, and while he was once touted as the best left-back in World Football, he has only been consistent at being inconsistent of late. Kieran Gibbs, Pedro Botelho and Armand Traore are all stars on the rise, and Wenger might go after Emilio Izaguirre this summer, so Clichy should be on his way out.

Arsenal is often the beneficiary of a solid line when you check out various sports books and internet casinos. This is no doubt due to players like Cesc Fabregas. Unfortunately, Fabregas is addicted to winning, and Arsenal’s trophy drought may leave him packing his bags. The smart move for Wenger: initiate the move before he flees and get top value.
There are probably many more players Arsenal should get rid of, and undoubtedly many more they will get rid of. But in the grand scheme of things, a football club is only as good as its players’ production. So while there are some players that love Arsenal and adore the fans of North London, they still have to be sacrificed for the greater good – winning.

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