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Friday, February 11, 2011

Wilshere the real star of the show, not Eriksen

If you haven't now heard the name of Christian Eriksen, you either weren't watching England's friendly game against Denmark or you haven't seen the papers. The likelihood is, though, that Eriksen is a name that, if you have even a passing interest in football, you'll be hearing again and again over the next few years.
Eriksen is something of a talent over at Ajax, where the teenager currently plies his trade, and last night he lived up to his billing as a youngster highly desired by some of the top Premier League clubs. Showing a frightening turn of pace and a level of comfort on the ball that belies his true age, Eriksen deserves all the plaudits being sent his way.

However, spare a thought for Jack Wilshere. The game was hyped up as the biggest chance yet for the Arsenal youngster to prove his talent and he did just that, despite a feeling in today's press that he failed to live up to lofty expectations. His role in the game was one that was bound not to attract as many gasps as the position occupied by Eriksen, and for that reason Wilshere should be praised for keeping his attacking instincts under wrap for the good of the team. The Betfair Specialists were certainly impressed.

Bear in mind that Wilshere has become an established member of the Arsenal first team this year to such an extent that he was withdrawn at half time last night and you can see why his development really is worthy of as much praise as that of Eriksen. The Wolves betting certainly suggests he'll tear the side apart on Saturday.

Wilshere can drive his side forward and his first full cap is surely only the first of many, many more for a man who needs to stop being patronised by those in the press more familiar with picking up a pen than kicking a ball.

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