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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do Gunners lack the fight needed to win Premier League?

The sight of Arsene Wenger slamming a bottle of water to the ground in frustration (giving Pat Rice a soaking in the process) is perhaps one of the images of the weekend.

It was also the only sign of passion or fight emanating from the Arsenal camp in a game against Spurs they should never have lost. When the live score came in that the Gunners were 2-0 up, many thought the game was up, but they were wrong.

After two battling away wins at Wolves and Everton – results that caused many to tip the Gunners for the title – old flaws were once again exposed at home to their bitter rivals.

At half time everything was rosy and the players should have started the second half with a clear idea of what to do. The must have expected an early barrage from Tottenham who had to try and get an early goal to get back into the game.

Even after Bale’s strike the home side, with the array of attacking talent on offer, had no need to shrink into their shell like they did.

The belief they had gathered in the first period slowly seeped across to the opposition – both on the field and in the stands.

So much so that it was almost expected when Younes Kaboul beat two Arsenal players to the ball to head home the winner late on.

For Arsenal fans it is an all too familiar tale of raised – and then dashed - expectations. Wenger’s hugely talented squad get themselves into winning positions but when it comes to the crunch they appear to lack the fight, both physically and mentally, to go the extra yard.

What is the missing ingredient?

Well for me there appears to be a lack of leaders in the team, Cesc Fabregas apart. Sometimes you need players who can drag the team through difficult periods and make them believe in themselves.

The Live scores could well be reporting on an Arsenal win this weekend against Aston Villa, but until Wenger solves that problem the spectre of Adams,Viera, Henry and co will loom large over his underperforming squad.

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