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Friday, October 2, 2009

Nicklas Bendtner Car Crash Photo

Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner believes it is a 'miracle' that he walked away almost unscathed from a car crash last week.

The Denmark international was on his way to training on Sunday when his Aston Martin left the road and collided with the hard shoulder fence and a tree.

Bendtner missed the midweek UEFA Champions League victory over Olympiakos after being left badly shaken by the accident.

The only physical injuries he sustained were cuts and bruises to his knees and shoulder and he is hoping to return to action against Blackburn on Sunday.

However, Bendtner admits he is lucky to be alive after the incident and feels a higher power was at work in preventing more serious injuries.

"Someone took care of me out there on the road. I don't know what or who, but in a larger picture, there simply was someone who helped me. I firmly believe that it just wasn't the time for me to leave this life," he told the Daily Mirror.

"The police and everyone else at the scene told me I would have been dead if I hadn't been wearing my seatbelt.

"They also told me I would have been dead if I had been driving a car with a less impressive safety record. They actually called it a miracle that the accident didn't end with me dead, or at least severely injured.

"It was a huge shock. But I do not need a psychologist to find myself after the accident. I went out driving in my other car the day after, and it was no problem.

"I feel fine, although my shoulder is very sore. I have also got a number of cuts and bruises, and my knees were smashed together when a small tree came in through the car door.

"My knees are really bruised, but there is nothing broken or torn inside.

"I have been training alone, have been well examined and have had plenty of massage on my back, which has been hurting a lot. But I am training with my team-mates again, and the plan is I can play on Sunday."

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