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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cesc Fabregas looks destined to leave Arsenal for Spanish pastures

Another day and another story emerges over the future of Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal, with the Gunners skipper once again linking himself with a move back to Spain. It has been obvious for a while that Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in the 21-year-old as he continues to develop into a world beater. However what hadn’t been made clear was Fabregas’ position on a move, but for the past few days the Spaniard has been talking a lot about leaving the Emirates Stadium, leaving me with that sinking feeling.

I had the same feeling about Thierry Henry the year he left for Barcelona and was starting to get it this time last year when Mathieu Flamini and Alexander Helb were being linked with a move away. Now I will admit I am a bit of a pessimist when it comes to players staying with Arsenal and hold my hands up as being one of those fans that felt we were going to lose Patrick Vieira every season. Hopefully this is another Vieira situation where our central midfield king is linked with a move away but stays until his time has run out in north London.

The loss of Fabregas would be a catastrophe for a number of reasons and whilst he has said that if Arsene Wenger asks him to stay he will do so, a move back to Spain looks to be becoming more and more tempting. For example, Fabregas was allowed to under-go his rehabilitation in Spain, despite Arsenal’s normal protocol being that players should stay with the club’s physio Colin Lewin and the club’s doctor. Those of you who read the Sunday newspapers will also know that according to reports, Fabregas’ attitude has been changing since he came back from winning the European Championship and it hasn’t been for the best.

The loss of Arsenal’s crown jewel would certainly be a dark moment for the club and would in all likelihood spark the fire that could see a number of other players leave. At the moment Fabregas is the great hope that a lot of people are relying on to turn things around for Arsenal. However, even if Fabregas was to stay on would someone with another inflated ego be good for the club? I don’t think so and as such perhaps the Gunners would be better off taking the huge sum of money they would get for him and investing it in someone else. Obviously that is a worse case scenario but if the Spaniard keeps dropping hints that he wants to return to his home land you can bet that Barcelona and Real Madrid will be beating down Wenger’s door with their chequebooks come the summer.

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