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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Strange happenings

With the transfer window now shut I find it very strange that Mr know it all, Arsene Wenger didn’t sign anyone. I wonder whether this is an early sign of him loosing the plot. Common sense should have prevailed; clearly we needed to bolster our weak midfield. Instead he thought otherwise and decided to stick with some unknown and inconsistent characters such as Denilson, Diaby and Ramsey, well just to name a few. With Arsene having been offered 30+ million pounds to spend on strengthening the squad I wasn’t expecting him to showcase his shrewd economics skills. Found that strange! Well what’s done is done and whatever happens, I will always be a gunner for life. Guess we all have to go behind the team and stop being cynical and start hoping that Arsene proves most of us wrong. Bizarrely, the Arabs at Man Shit say they want to take over the premier league, what the heck is that?

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