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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Silly Season for Arsenal

Everton have come to Highbury on more than one occasion in recent times and been 'forced' to enjoy the party. On this occasion it proved to be one still graced with an element of emotion but nowhere near at the levels experienced in the past.

For me it was a shame our hosts came in search of just a point and I feel with nothing to play for or even requiring all three would have made for a far more interesting spectacle.
As a result Everton rarely ventured into our half and with our own team showing an understandable lack of urgency it was real 'end of season' fare. Saying that however, there was only one team that looked like taking the three points, especially in the second half, and time will tell if our visitors regret taking such a negative attitude into the game.

Indeed the phrase 'time will tell' can be used for a number of issues at the end of any season. For me, our best player on Sunday was Alex Song. In each of the games he has played at centre half this season he has done well and it will be interesting to see if he continues to grow and make the position his own.

So, our unbeaten home season comes to a close with a victory and of course the chance for us to say thanks and goodbye to one or two of our squad. If Jens goes, as looks extremely likely, it was fantastic to give him a fitting send-off. He will always be remembered for his part in the unbeaten season and for a good couple of years he was probably the best goalkeeper in the Premiership. He will be fondly remembered by all Gooners.

The news that Matt Flamini has gone is disappointing I feel, especially after a fantastic season that had seen him cement his place at the very heart of our midfield. Very few players over the years have left our great club and gone on to bigger and better things. Will he regret his decision? It's that 'time will tell' situation again.

With just the long trip up to Sunderland to complete the 38, that period is upon us where the best thing we can do is avoid the rumour-filled media. If I'm involved in one more conversation where someone says, "See such and such is off..." I will scream! "Says who?!" "It's in the paper this morning....."!

Taking a look at the kind of talent we have coming through in a testimonial down at Dorchester Town on Tuesday night, believe me, if players decide to leave, we'll be just fine.

Come on you mighty reds!

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